How to choose No Limits Fitness Jewellery

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

What No Limits Fitness jewellery piece would suit you best?

No Limits is made up of a collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and keyrings in many styles and colours, so there is ksomething for everyone!

There are great casual rope bracelets for everyday wear but also pieces with a little more bling to wear out or on a special occassion.

Can No Limits fitness jewellery be worn everyday?

Yes you can wear your fitness jewellery everyday, but you just need to be careful not to get perfume on the charms or wet them.  This may cause them to discolour and look worn.

Sweat can also strip the plating off the charms, so its best not to wear them while training if you're doing a sweaty session!

I find the best jewellery for everyday are the more lightweight pieces, like the short necklaces and rope bracelets.

You can barely notice you're wearing them, so they are a great option!

The tri rope bracelets are also very easy to put on because they have a magnetic closure clasp. So you wont need help getting it on your wrist!

What are the options for occassional fitness jewellery?

No Limits fitness jewellery has many more detailed pieces that would be great to wear on a night out to show off!

Some of them feature swarovski crystals and diamantes and silver metal beads, so great to wear for any occassion or to give as a special gift!

can No Limits fitness jewellery be cleaned?

Yes it can be polished up!

Best to use a silver polishing cloth on your fitness jewellery.

If it has built up grime or dirt, the polishing cloth will do a great job of making it look shiny again.  However, if the plating has been stripped off due to perfume or sweat, unfortunately the polishing cloth wont help.

Just be sure to keep it dry so your fitness jewellery stays looking fresh for a long time!


 What sizes are No Limits Fitness bracelets?

No Limits bracelets are made an average size, approximately 18-19cm.

But if you have a smaller wrist or a larger wrist, your fitness bracelet can be made to fit you.

All pieces are made to order and can be customised.

Simply write the size you are after if the checkout of your order at Paypal in the instructions section.

The best way to measure your wrist is to get a piece of string or a ribbon etc and put it around your wrist. Add a little bit of room and figure out how you would like it to sit on your wrist.

Hold you finger at the length you want and measure up against a ruler. That is the measurement you need for your bracelet!

Happy Shopping!