How was No Limits Fitness Jewellery Australia born?

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

No Limits fitness jewellery started in June 2014 when head designer Danielle Mondo had the idea of combing her 2 passions; Accessories and fitness.

She had already been making jewellery for her label Mondo Design for 10 years and thought it was time to branch out and create No Limits Fitness jewellery.... This is how it was born!

Danielle began brainstorming and looking into fitness charms that would send the message of inspiring and motivating women to wear their strength. When she was happy with her selection of fitness charms, the No Limits fitness jewellery collection was launched!

It was a very exciting time and Danielle was so excited to show all the women o shared her passion her new range of Fitness jewellery.

A few months later the No LImits website was launched!

Brand new and colourful site which was received so well so soon!

It was so great to know that everyone was so passionate about No Limits fitness jewellery.  

That drove Danielle to add to the collection.

In mid 2015, she added many new beaded bracelets and colours and a number of new fitness charms.

The No Limits fitness jewellery collection keeps growing every week, new charms and new designs are added frequently.

Danielle then decided to add the No Limits competition fitness jewellery collection. 

No Limits fitness jewellery is a sponsor for the INBA and we have a stand at all the Victorian competitions. 

It's so great to spend a day at the comp and catching up with friends and meeting so many customers and competitors and help them out with competition fitness jewellery on the day.

The INBA rookie of the year competition is always a big day and a fun day! There are so many new ladies that I get to meet and its always the first competion of the season.

It is coming up in early March and we are preparing the stand already. It is going to be a big day and we are excited to have new pieces in the competition collection that will be showcased on the day.

No Limits fitness jewellery will continue to grow and inspire women to wear their strength and be proud of their achievements. 

We have a vision for 2016 and hope to keep coming up with new designs that are loved by all the women we represent.

All that hard work and passion and love that you all put into your training and health, we want to put into the fitness jewellery to inspire you. 

Tell us if you have any ideas that you would love to see or styles or colours that you would like added to the fitness jewellery collection.

We would be so happy to get feedback and for you to be involved in No Limits ideas and designs. Please email us if you have feedback, ideas, queries or if you just want to say hi! We would love to hear from you!