Who are No Limits Fitness Jewellery Ambassadors

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

No Limits is lucky to have 4 Ambassadors to show off the collection of fitness jewellery.

I have 2 Pro bikini models and one Pro fitness model! They are all gorgeous ladies and im so glad to have them on board!

My first ambassador is Susie Woffendon Wbff pro from the UK.  She is a fitness model diva and has been an inspiration to me for a long while.   She is a stunning girl inside and out and I am looking forward to meeting her at the Wbff show on the gold coast in May.

It will be so exciting to meet her in person and spend some time together because I'm sure we will hit it off! I'll be sure to give her some new fitness jewellery too!

My second ambassador is Lacey Blackman who is an INBA Bikini Pro. Another lovely lady who I have been following for quite some time.  She has such great positive energy and inspires so many women which makes her the perfect ambassador for No Limits fitness jewellery.

She wears her Fitness jewellery with pride! She shows it off and is so happy to be part of No Limits.

She has a bootcamp challenge starting shortly and No Limits fitness jewellery will be given as prizes to the lucky winners!

My third ambassador is Katie Stevens, a lovely lady I met when competing in the WBFF last year on the Gold Coast.  She has done so well since we met last year.  She won her Bikini Diva pro card in Las Vegas and many other titles along the way. 

My most recent ambassador is Danielle De Haas, a gorgeous lady who competed in her first comp in March, which was The Arnold Classic.  She has an absolutely stunning physique and so much positive energy, I am so happy to have her represent No Limits.

All these ladies wear their No Limits fitness jewellery with pride, they tell me that many days they need motivation, their special fitness jewellery pieces keep pushing them to reach their goals and wear their strength.

If you think you are a No Limits chick and would love to wear special No Limits fitness jewellery and represent and inspire strong women around the world, please contact us at info@mondodesign.net.au.

Tell us why you like NO Limits fitness jewellery, and why you think you would be a great brand ambassador.  Send some pics or links to your social media, so that we can see what you're all about! We love women who live and breathe health, fitness, life and love.  We want all women to feel happy and strong and proud of their achievements.