How to choose No Limits Fitness Jewellery

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

What No Limits Fitness jewellery piece would suit you best?

No Limits is made up of a collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and keyrings in many styles and colours, so there is ksomething for everyone!

There are great casual rope bracelets for everyday wear but also pieces with a little more bling to wear out or on a special occassion.

Can No Limits fitness jewellery be worn everyday?

Yes you can wear your fitness jewellery everyday, but you just need to be careful not to get perfume on the charms or wet them.  This may cause them to discolour and look worn.

Sweat can also strip the plating off the charms, so its best not to wear them while training if you're doing a sweaty session!

I find the best jewellery for everyday are the more lightweight pieces, like the short necklaces and rope bracelets.

You can barely notice you're wearing them, so they are a great option!

The tri rope bracelets are also very easy to put on because they have a magnetic closure clasp. So you wont need help getting it on your wrist!

What are the options for occassional fitness jewellery?

No Limits fitness jewellery has many more detailed pieces that would be great to wear on a night out to show off!

Some of them feature swarovski crystals and diamantes and silver metal beads, so great to wear for any occassion or to give as a special gift!

can No Limits fitness jewellery be cleaned?

Yes it can be polished up!

Best to use a silver polishing cloth on your fitness jewellery.

If it has built up grime or dirt, the polishing cloth will do a great job of making it look shiny again.  However, if the plating has been stripped off due to perfume or sweat, unfortunately the polishing cloth wont help.

Just be sure to keep it dry so your fitness jewellery stays looking fresh for a long time!


 What sizes are No Limits Fitness bracelets?

No Limits bracelets are made an average size, approximately 18-19cm.

But if you have a smaller wrist or a larger wrist, your fitness bracelet can be made to fit you.

All pieces are made to order and can be customised.

Simply write the size you are after if the checkout of your order at Paypal in the instructions section.

The best way to measure your wrist is to get a piece of string or a ribbon etc and put it around your wrist. Add a little bit of room and figure out how you would like it to sit on your wrist.

Hold you finger at the length you want and measure up against a ruler. That is the measurement you need for your bracelet!

Happy Shopping!




No Limits Competition Fitness Jewellery

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

What is No Limits Competition Fitness Jewellery?

No Limits Fitness Jewellery is a Collection of crystal diamante pieces for competitors to wear on stage.

The range is made up of earrings bracelets and rings. 

Whether you are a bikini girl, Fitness model or figure competitor, No Limits Competition Collection will have something to suit your style.

What do I need to wear for my comp?

You don't have to wear any jewellery if you don't want to, but it will definitely complete your stage look.

Most girls wear dangly earrings and a shimmering diamante bracelet to match the crystals on their bikini connectors.

Some also wear a ring as a finishing touch to their stage look.

You can choose to wear all of the above or perhaps just earrings or a bracelet if you prefer a more simple look

How do I know what size to get?

No Limits competition Fitness Jewellery Collection is listed separately in the Shop menu and all lengths of earrings are listed so that you can get an idea of sizing.

If you aren't used to wearing very large earrings,  it may be a good idea to opt for one of the slightly shorter styles.

All earrings are very lightweight, so they will not hurt your ear or be annoying for you to wear on comp day.

All bracelets are rings are stretch style, so they are perfect for smaller wrists, but will also suit a larger wrist by stretching to fit. 

What if I have allergies to nickel?

The posts in all Competition Fitness Jewellery earrings are surgical steel, so that means they are Nickel free and should not cause a reaction.

Can someone help me choose what matches my bikini best?

Yes! Please click the email link here on the site and send through a photo of your bikini and we can offer some advice and suggestions on what would work best with your bikini!

Head designer Danielle has competed many times so can help you with any of your queries regarding jewellery styling for your comp day!

Does No Limits Competition fitness jewellery suit all federations?

It sure does!

The competition Collection compliments all bikini connectors and is suitable for all federations including, INBA, IFBB, WFF, WBFF and ANB.

The rules aren't too strict about jewellery, my tip would be to keep it elegant and similar to your bikini connectors and you can't go wrong!

Are there sets available in the Competition Fitness Jewellery range?

Yes there are a few sets available so that you can get the matching earrings, bracelet and ring if you would like it all to match! Set prices will work out slightly cheaper than purchasing all pieces separately.

The plain cuff bracelets are very popular and a great option because are quite safe to match with all bikini connectors, and all earring designs

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding your jewellery for comp day.

It's a special day you have worked so hard towards and you want to look your best on stage and show off all your hard work, shine and be proud!


Would you like to customise a fitness bracelet?

Posted on January 16, 2016 by Danielle Mondo

If you would like a special fitness bracelet you have come to the right place.

Whether it is for a special gift or for yourself, a fitness bracelet is a great way to wear your strength and keep you motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

Have you got a friend or family member who is into some form of fitness and would love a special custom fitness bracelet to show off what they love?

Whether it is Bodybuilding, crossfit, yoga, running, boxing or just general fitness, you can have a special custom piece made to suit yourself or your loved one.

What Fitness bracelet options are available?

A custom No Limits Fitness bracelet can come in a variety of colour options with various fitness charm available to complete your piece.  Our most popular fitness bracelet is the Tri rope with five No Limits Fitness charms.  The Tri rope bracelet is available in Purple, Pink, Aqua, black and Lime green.

If you would prefer the beaded look, there are also many colours and bead types available to suit your style. If there is something particular you are after that isn't available online, just ask!

There are a number of fitness charms available including dumbbell charms, barbell charms, weight plate charms, boxing glove charms, motivational strength tags etc.

We are also happy to source certain charms that may not be available in the regular No Limits range.  For example, if you would like a running show or initial charm to further customise your fitness bracelet, just ask and we will be happy to try to find what you're after.

Fitness jewelry has become popular amongst women who are passionate about their sport, health or fitness goals as they show off their hard work and new lifestyle.

Where is No Limits fitness jewelry made?

No Limits Fitness jewelry is handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Fitness model Competitor Danielle Mondo.

After competing in a number of fitness competitions, she met many other women with the same passion she had for gym and accessories and decided to combine her two passions and create No Limits fitness jewelry collection.  The Collection includes fitness bracelets, fitness necklaces, fitness keyrings and earrings.

Are custom engraved charms available?

There are a variety of charms that are available to be engraved on.

They include heart charms and pendants, circle pendants and dog tags.

They can be a perfect addition to a custom fitness bracelet, as you could add a special motivational phrase that is meaningful to you or the person you are giving it to.

Some examples may be "Never Give Up" , "Believe in yourself" or "Train hard" etc.

Any of these custom engrave-able charms can be added to your fitness bracelet, fitness necklace or fitness keyring to make it extra personal.

All the engrave-able charms are available online to purchase in the No Limits Individual charms category.

Be Proud and show off your hard work and passion by wearing your No Limits Fitness Bracelet/Jewelry every day to remind you of your goals.





Build your own gym and fitness bracelet

Posted on December 03, 2015 by Danielle Mondo

You can now build your own No Limits coloured Fitness charm bracelet!

Select from a range of great colours and then choose your No Limits original Fitness charms to add to your customised bracelet.

Fitness jewellery bracelets are great gifts for your training buddy or swole sister. Choose her favourite colour and get your own Fitness charm bracelet to match!

Best Trainer fitness jewellery bracelet

Posted on December 03, 2015 by Danielle Mondo

Best Trainer Fitness braceletNo Limits fitness charm jewellery has some great gift ideas for your PT.

check out the 'Best Trainer' fitness charm bracelet with diamante magnetic clasp, custom stamped 'best trainer' heart and 3 other No Limits original fitness charns.

Best Trainer fitness charm bracelets are available in black, pink or purple. 

Best Trainer charm can be added to any other designs too.

Customise some fitness jewellery for your PT and make her something special.

New Fitness Jewellery Charms

Posted on December 03, 2015 by Danielle Mondo

Many new No Limits fitness jewellery charms available to purchase individually or to add to any existing No Limits fitness jewellery design.

Check out the new menu for individual charms and add to design to customise your piece.

Fitness charms include Kettle bells, weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, angel wings, hearts, me v me, I can, I will, I choose strength.

Introducing No Limits very first ambassador

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Danielle Mondo

I'm so excited to announce that No Limits has its very first ambassador!

Introducing Lacey Blackman who recently won her PNBA Pro Card!

She is a lovely lady who lives and breathes No limits message of empowering women and encouraging them to WEAR THEIR STRENGTH!

Welcome Lacey! I'm so excited about what is to come for us both in the near future!